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    Placing an order with is easy. Just follow these simple steps.
    If you have are a register member, login our site first.
    There's no need to create an account first. But for the exclusive service, it would be better be our member.
    Here are the steps you need to follow to place an order.

    a . Finding products
    : By using the menus on the top of the page, you can browse by category, and type of product.
    You can also search for a specific item by using the "search" box, located in the upper right-hand corner on every page of the store.
    To access more information about a product, click on the image, the name of the product, or "more info" and you will be taken to the item's product detail page.

    b. Adding the Items to Your Shopping Cart and Using The Shopping Cart
    : To place a product in your shopping cart, select size and quantity, and then click the "add to cart" button.
    Click "check out" to complete your order. Remember, by clicking the link in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, you may view your shopping cart at any time.
    This allows you to add, change or delete items whenever you like.

    C. Purchasing
    : When you're ready to complete your order, be sure to review all of the items you've placed in your shopping cart.
    If you decide that you don't want a particular product, check "Delete."

    d. Choose a shipping method
    : Select the country where the goods should be sent.
    And consider how quickly you would like to receive your order, and choose a shipping method.
    The shipping charge for your order will be displayed on the screen just before you submit your order.
    Once you have all the items you wish to purchase, click the "CHECKOUT" button.

    e. Shipping and Billing
    : Once you've clicked "CHECKOUT," you'll need to provide your billing and/or shipping information,
    and select your method of payment. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and T/T.
    If you're paying with a credit card, enter the number without spaces or dashes.
    If you want to pay by T/T(bank remittance), keep our bankig information and inform us after T/T.

    f. Review and Place Your Order
    : Be sure to review all of the information you provided,
    and make any necessary changes before clicking the "Continue" button.
    Once you place your order, you will see a confirmation page with your confirmation number.
    We will send you a confirmation e-mail message when your order ships.


    3. PAYMENT INFO accept international Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.
    On the order entry form, enter your name exactly as it appears on your credit card. Enter the number without spaces or dashes.

    You can also transfer the money to our account. Transfer the money as you indicated on the order paper. Otherwise, it may take long time to arrange your order.
    Don't forget to inform us after remit the money.

** We are not responsible for any custom duty or import tax. **



    4. DELIVERY INFO(tracking)

    This means order was placed successfully, but not checked by yet. accepts this order and preparing sending.
    Order receipt and sending is done from Monday to Friday except holiday.
    If doesn't accept your order for several days, please leave a messge on Q&A board. Then would manage it.

    The payments was confirmed by, and start the sending. have sent goods by each shipping type, and sending information would be shown.


    2% points back of purchasing amount
    If you are a register member of kendoshop, you can collect points(cyber cash or mileage) by purchasing goods and reviewing the items and so on.
    You can collect the points and use it as a real money.
    The points is only for the register member who has a login ID. 

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